Academic Excellence

Murray Fund for Excellence

{Unrestricted Endowment}
This fund has supported initiatives ranging from wireless Internet service for the campus to Curris Center Theater renovations, to computer lab upgrades.  Endowing the fund will provide a stable source of revenue, enabling the University to meet such needs in the future in a planned and timely fashion, maximizing the benefit to students.
Goal: $2 million.

Undergraduate and Graduate Study Abroad
{Endowed Funding}
Today, just 11 percent of graduating Murray State students have experienced study abroad. Yet 100 percent will work in a global economy in which such experience can prove invaluable.  For many, the obstacle is cost.  New funding will augment families’ contributions, putting the life-changing opportunity of study abroad— even for a week or two—within reach of more students.
Goal: $2 million

Center for Environmental Studies and Research
{Endowed Funding and Distinguished Professorship}
Focusing on the habitats of Western Kentucky’s rivers and lakes, this new Center will explore timely issues related to the preservation of natural resources and will open outstanding research opportunities to our students. Donor support will provide the financial foundation for the Center’s operation.
Goal: $1 million

Financial Services Center
{Construction and Endowed Funding}
This new educational laboratory and classroom, to be located on the ground floor of the College of Business building, will provide the setting for students to gain hands-on experience working with the same live-feed and historic information on bonds, equities, commodities, and currencies used by financial professionals around the world.  Campaign support will establish the Center and provide permanent funding for purchase of data feeds.
Goal: $1.5 million

Telecommunications Systems Management
{Program Endowment}
The University’s Telecommunications Systems Management Program is recognized as a program of excellence within Kentucky and as one of the top programs of its kind in the nation.  New endowment funding will help solidify and build on this status, funding broad-based investment.
Goal: $1 million

Commonwealth Honors Academy
{Endowed Funding}
The Academy brings high school juniors, roughly 100 each year, to Murray State to complete college-level courses tuition-free. An exceptional educational experience, the program is also an outstanding way for the University to reach out to talented prospective students.  Endowment support will expand the number of students served and provide a stable financial foundation.
Goal: $1 million


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