Student Scholarships

Family Need

Recent figures from the financial aid applications of Murray State students indicate that their median family income totals $45,100, while the median net contribution they pay toward the cost of a Murray State education is $5,937. That’s a 13 percent commitment of household resources on the part of families with very little to spare.

Work and Debt
When the financial aid the University can offer falls short of meeting a family’s full need, the result takes the form of accumulated debt upon graduation, employment obligations while enrolled, or both. When employment commitments become unreasonable, it can be difficult for students to maintain a healthy balance between work and school and to make the most of their Murray State experience. All of this combined stresses the importance of scholarships to our students.

Measurable Impact
Through this campaign, the University seeks to secure $26.5 million in endowed scholarship support, a sum that should generate more than $1.325 million in annual funding without invading the invested principal. This yield could allow the University to support 100 students with awards covering the full cost of in-state tuition, fees and housing. Alternatively, it could fund hundreds of partial tuition merit or need-based scholarships each year.

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