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    Morgan Family Makes Provision for Major Estate Gift for scholarships

    Morgan Family Makes Provision for Major Estate Gift to benefit scholarships

    As part of Hold Thy Banner High: The Campaign for the Students of Murray State University, Gary and Barbara Morgan’s establishment of an estate gift of $2 million to Murray State University is a chance for the Morgans to leave a legacy that will impact students of MSU.

    The “Gary A. and Barbara J. Morgan Endowed Scholarship” to be funded in the future by their estate was recently established to aid future Murray State University students who participated in four semesters of high school band programs. In this group, further preference is given to those students who worked in part-time jobs, as well.

    Gary and Barbara Morgan are Licensed Clinical Social Workers in Indiana who have chosen Murray, Kentucky as their retirement home.

    The Morgans practiced psychotherapy in a private setting for many years, working with families and individuals of all ages. In the course of their work, they were able to make a few observations about the populations with whom they worked. One such observation involved high school students and band programs; specifically, high school students who participated in high school band appeared to have greater self-discipline, a better work ethic, and greater motivation and loyalty to others than non-band students. It was further observed that these students lived in families where the financial need for educational assistance was greater. These students frequently held part-time jobs, as well. It appeared that band students were less likely to receive considerable assistance as did their peers who excelled in academic achievement or sports.

    “Throughout our career we have noticed that adolescents seem to benefit from band participation,” Gary Morgan said. “It seems that many of them are more grounded and more responsible. We also realize that adolescents who participate in band are also less privileged because band programs have to raise their own funds in order to participate.”

    While the Morgans are in partial retirement, they are able to spend more time at their lake home in Murray and make certain observations about Murray State University. It was noted that the faculty and staff they met were genuinely caring individuals focused on the welfare of the university’s students. The university as a whole appeared to hold high academic standards and was also celebrated each year in the national press as one of the most cost-effective institutions of higher learning in the nation.

    Gary Morgan said he attended a smaller university as an undergraduate and a larger state school as a graduate student.

    “I had a much better experience at the smaller university than the larger one,” Gary Morgan said. “There are some institutions where the people make the university great and we think Murray State is one of those institutions.”

    Barbara Morgan said that since she and her husband have been residents of Murray, they have noticed that Murray State serves students who wouldn’t have access to higher education otherwise.

    “Murray State gives students with financial need access to higher education and it seems to be a great university with a wide range of programs,” Barbara Morgan said. “We wanted to donate to a school that really served students who needed the help and who were getting a quality education at an affordable price.”

    For these reasons, the Morgans settled on Murray State University and these scholarship endowment guidelines when contemplating their estate planning. The Morgans have great confidence the previously mentioned student population and Murray State University will be a good match.

    Bob Jackson, Associate Vice President of Development and Governmental Relations said, “Barbara and Gary Morgan have made plans for an extremely generous estate gift that will benefit future students. The Morgans have set the bar very high on what it means to give back and have created a wonderful example of charitable gift planning as part of one’s estate plans.”

    “This will do more good for more people than anything else we could do,” Gary Morgan said. “We are gratified that we are able to do something we feel will make a real difference to the students of this university.”